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5 Video Game Worlds That Would Look Great On Film (And 5 That Wouldn’t)

Video game movies are the current trend as more and more studios try to launch franchises off the back of famous gaming worlds. However, not all these worlds were created equally. Some game worlds are absolutely visually gorgeous and rich in detail, while others are less so.

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This means that many worlds are less cinematic, perhaps because of the type of game or maybe due to the fact the genre has been overdone in cinema. Here are some video game worlds we think would look great on film and others that might not actually work.


The world of Minecraft is one of blocks. It’s about creating something unique and is a bit like a video game version of Lego. Sure the toy franchise managed to get some great cinema based on it, but we’re not sure that Minecraft would work in the same way.

For video games, it’s visually interesting but it’s difficult to understand how this would actually translate to the big screen. The fact is, there would have to be some real digital wizardry to get this to work to its full effect.


With a film based on Halo having been in development for quite some time, it makes sense to consider the cinematic worth of the franchise. From the amazing weapons, detailed planets and alien creatures, to the cool armored suits, there so much to work with here.

The designs and concept art alone would literally be out of this world and there may not be anything else quite like this in film today. It’s safe to say that even through the neon colors and amazing set designs that we’re excited to see Halo on the big screen.


Fortnite certainly has a unique style that could work in animation. However, if we’re talking about live action then this just would not translate at all. The quirkiness and changing landscapes just wouldn’t come across very well.

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We admit that the action style could actually work well, but the character designs, fashion choices and even weapons could all look a bit goofy and not serve a story very well. We’re worried that it could come off as a bit of a tacky CGI fest.


Although it seems odd to mention the world of Gotham City since we’ve seen this on the big screen numerous times, there’s something extremely compelling and unique about the Gotham created for the Arkham games.

It’s unlike any iteration of the city that we’ve seen before and we hope that future Batman movies will take their design choices from the game series. As the City continued to expand there were more and more unique buildings and a great tone to work from.


Much like Fortnite before it, the world of Mario might be a little bit too wacky for cinema. We’ve already seen a live-action attempt at this universe in the past and quite frankly it left a lot to be desired.

Perhaps it’s the over the top color grading, the strange characters or even the main stars themselves, but films about the world keep getting canceled because there’s something unadaptable about it.


Much like Halo, this franchise has all the makings of being a cinematic success. With its extremely cinematic approach to storytelling, brand new worlds for audiences to explore and aliens that can be realized with great visual and practical effects, there’s a lot to unpack here.

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While it’s never been determined if this could translate to screen with some kind of choose your own path component, the world that has been built in game can surely be realized through some of the greatest technical teams in cinema.


Although the game series is excellent and has such vast landscapes to explore, there’s not a lot here that would be particularly groundbreaking if translated to cinema. The western genre has already been done so many times.

There are very few ways that the genre can be reinvented now and this possibly isn’t the franchise to do so since it already takes its cues from so many western classics. Perhaps some unique design and cinematography would prove this point wrong but we doubt it.


Post-apocalyptic worlds are always intense, ominous and endlessly interesting to explore further. The world of Fallout would be no different. While we have once again seen this on screen before, it’s never been done quite in this way.

There’s a quirkiness to this franchise that could make it quite unique in film. The interesting choices made with the visuals might give it a place in movie history that showcased that video game films can really work.


Much like the western genre, the world of gangsters, criminals and the underbelly of America has already been explored countless times. Grand Theft Auto can’t really add anything new to this genre that’s been developed for so long already.

In some ways, an adaptation of this might even come off a little like one of the many other action films involving cars and there are fears that it could even be a little generic. This might be a world that’s better to play in rather than just outright watch.


Mythical fantasy lands are actually few and far between in cinema currently. If Zelda was ever to be adapted to the big screen, therefore, it could bring a fresh take on this genre that fans are already familiar with. We have to say that this is something we’ve got to see.

The characters alone are actually visually interesting but there are enough realistic elements here that it could translate to live-action quite naturally. It’s a surprise that Hollywood hasn’t pushed this project through recently, especially with so many technological advancements that could aid this storytelling.

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