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A comics reading list to help you with self isolation

Published from: 2013-2015

Length: 25 issues

Thundering into your quarantine zone with no regard for your lawn gnomes is this epic Godzilla run from the kaiju-crazy folks at IDW Publishing. Emerging from the ashes of Godzilla #13 in June of 2013, this giant-sized offering became the longest running Godzilla comic ever printed and captures the style and spirit of every ginormous monster movie you’ve ever watched. Writer Chris Mowry and artist Matt Frank ride this 25-issue series all the way home with a consistency and attention to detail to be commended. Cover artist Jeff Zornow contributed a rampaging array of killer covers, with interior colors artfully added by Ronda Pattison and Priscilla Tramontano. The action-packed plots are everything you’d expect as an alien invasion of the Cryogs arrives just as a stampede of Earth’s ancient monsters awaken across the planet causing Godzilla to step in to stop their attacks. Commander Steven Woods and his Counter-Kaiju Reaction force hopes to hold the beasts at bay, while young Lucy Casprell and her ambitious scientific research crew, the Kaiju Watchers, tries to discover the truth behind all the invasions. Also noted for being part of Godzilla’s 60th birthday bash arriving in 2014, Rulers of Earth presented the first comic book appearances of creatures like Manda, Zilla, Jet Jaguar, Gezora, King Caesar, Varan, Sanda, Gaira, and others. And don’t worry, Gigan, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah do make their appearances. All-in-all, a humongous helping of kaiju-clashing fun! – Jeff Spry

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