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A massive My Little Pony-inspired convention is coming to Metro Vancouver

Vanhoover Pony Expo
Photo: My little pony / Shutterstock

While most of the Lower Mainland will be hunkering down for the winter, one local festival will offer a tropical respite from the dreary weather.

Vanhoover Pony Expo invites My Little Pony aficionados of all ages to celebrate the popular series with a unique, tropical theme in January 2020.

This year’s theme, “Tropical Canada,” invites attendees to take a break from the Canadian winter with white-sand beaches, palm trees, and warm ocean waves.

“Following the tremendous success of our inaugural 2019 event, we can’t wait to welcome My Little Pony fans of all ages back to Richmond for a weekend filled with family activities, panels, games, crafts, laughter, shopping, music, and fun as we once again celebrate the magic of friendship,” said Convention Chair Rob Harrison.

“As always, we thank the BC Anthropomorphic Events Association for helping make this event possible.”

So far, the event has announced two guests: Chiara Zanni, professional actress and voice actor, and Pixelkitties – one of the biggest names in My Little Pony art.

On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Zanni is the voice of the fan-favourite reclusive author-adventurer Daring Do. Pixelkittles designs official pony shirts, playmats, game cards, and merchandise, and is known for creating unique autograph images for the cast and crew of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Kelly Sheridan is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Theatre Program and has over 25 years of voice over experience. On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic she is the voice of Starlight Glimmer, Sassy Saddles, Misty Fly, and many other characters. As well, for over a decade she provided the voice of Barbie in most of Mattel’s feature length films. Kelly will be appearing at Vanhoover Pony Expo on Saturday only.

Ian Hanlin is a Vancouver-based voice actor originally from Canada’s East Coast who has given his voice to an ever-growing number of cartoon and video game characters that includes Mr. Magoo in Mr. Magoo and Larry Parker in Far Cry 5. On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans will recognize him as the voice of the unicorn magician, Sunburst. Ian will be appearing at Vanhoover Pony Expo on Saturday and Sunday.

Brian Doe is a Vancouver-based actor and voice actor who has appeared in a number of video games, animated series, and live action shows and films. On My Little Pony: Equestria Girls he is the voice of Timber Spruce. You may also recognize him as Gabe Brunai on Beyblade Burst or from his appearances on the CW Network’s Supergirl.  Brian will be appearing at Vanhoover Pony Expo on Saturday and Sunday.

“We invite attendees to come join our convention mascots Sunny Showers and Trail Blazer as they host the Princesses of Caneighda, Princess Apricity and Princess Poutine, on a tropical January getaway right in the heart of Richmond,” said Harrison.

At this time Vanhoover Pony Expo is also excited to announce that, for the first time, Spirit Badges will be available for fans who cannot make it to Vanhoover but still want to bring home a little piece of the convention.

Spirit Badges can be purchased through the convention website for $25 CAD (add $10 CAD for shipping outside Canada and the U.S.). Spirit Badge packages include a badge, lanyard, button, convention book, and a special thank you card. As well, the official con t-shirt or autographs from any VIP guest can be added to Spirit Badge packages for an additional charge. All Spirit Badge materials, including any autographs purchased, will be shipped after the convention.

Vanhoover Pony Expo
Photo: Vanhoover Pony Expo / Facebook

Vanhoover Pony Expo

When: Jan. 10 -12, 2020
Where: Executive Airport Hotel | 7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
Cost: Individual day pass starts at $25 (multiple packages available) | Children 12 and under attend for free (registration and accompanying guardian required).

Find out more information here.

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