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All About Video Games

Many kids across the country are enthralled with their new video games that they received as Christmas presents from family and friends. These children need very little instruction to help them get started playing fun and exciting video games that focus on sports events, fantasy thrillers and cartoon characters to provide hours of uninterrupted entertainment opportunities.

Some of these video games can be used on home computer systems but for the most part, these video games are operated on handheld game consoles, multimedia consoles or multimedia platforms. There are a variety of handheld controllers that are attached to the gaming consoles using cords or are powered with wireless networking technologies that allow children to play a video game from anywhere in the room.

The Xbox One S multimedia platform is one of the latest operating systems for playing video games on. It features a game playing environment that allows the user to rotate their viewpoint in a 360 degree radius, and the visual aspects in each video game is very realistic for even the most seasoned of video game players.

The Nintendo DS has the capability to allow up to 16 players to network together and enjoy the same video game action and chat with each other as they enjoy their video games. The Nintendo DS will also play all games currently used by the Game Boy Advance and those made specifically for the Nintendo DS game system.

The Xbox features unbelievable graphics and an amazingly powerful hard drive system that some people compare to the hard drives found in their own personal computer systems that they have at home. Many of the XBOX video games are suitably rated for Teen and Mature audiences, and some of them may contain very graphic violence and adult themes that are not suitable for viewing by children.

The Xbox can be used as a home entertainment system too. The Xbox is well equipped to play many musical compact disks that are sold at major retailers around the country with brilliant sound qualities that might be found in more expensive home entertainment systems. The family can enjoy DVDs of their favorite movies and build a home library that is second to none.

Many of these game systems are equipped with wireless technologies and feature USB 2.0 connectivity. Video games can be played with surround sound features or through built-in speakers on many of the video gaming consoles. These video games will be shown in vivid digital screen colors and in sizes that are perfect for traveling, or for use by many players when attached to a home television unit.

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