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Celebrities on TikTok including BTS, Lewis Capaldi, Will Smith and Miley Cyrus

You might be familiar by now with social media platform TikTok, as baffled parents deal with children dramatically lip-syncing at inopportune moments while expert thirst trappers migrate en masse to the video-sharing platform.

As the spiritual successor to Vine (rest in peace), the social media app has surged in popularity with increasing numbers of celebrities getting in on the action including Will Smith, BTS and Miley Cyrus. 

The platform, which features everything from hilarious viral videos through to ill-fated celebrity challenges, has become the latest social media network to dominate the Internet.

Focusing on short-form videos with a strong musical influence (thanks to its predecessor Musical.Ly), other major social influencers including YouTubers James Charles and Liza Koshy have also begun to build up their profile on the platform.

Here’s who we’re following, from Cardi B to “king of TikTok” Lewis Capaldi.


(Still not sure what this is all about? Here’s the full guide to TikTok.)

Handle: @willsmith

Follower count: 7.8 million 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor is one of the savviest people on social media, breaking into the YouTube game with over 7 million followers and now breaking TikTok with 7.8 million followers.

With just 13 videos on his account, he started off collaborating with other accounts with a VFX bent to their content, something that he’s taken on board with his own channel. 

His most popular video is the one above, which sees Smith’s body glitch as he spins, and has been looped 64.8 million times. He’s also taken part in challenges including the Halloween-themed Spooky Scary Skeletons dance.

Handle: @bts_official_bighit

Follower count: 5.5 million

The Korean supergroup might be on a break at the moment but their social media presence is alive and well on TikTok.

The band’s announcement video on the platform scored them a staggering 69.2 million loops and since then they’ve also launched a successful dance challenge themed around member j-hope’s solo track Chicken Noodle Soup. 

Handle: @terrycrews

Follower count: 1.4 million

The Brooklyn Nine Nine star announced his arrival to TikTok on his America’s Got Talent co-judge Howie’s account, re-doing his iconic White Chicks lip-sync to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

Since then, he’s created more videos on his own channel which includes a mesmerizing dancing pecs video. 

Handle: @iamheidiklum

Follower count: 272,300

Klum joined TikTok with a video captioned simply, “hi guys, my daughter Leni told me to get with it.” The star has since mastered the art of the TikTok face filter, sharing selfie videos and a couple of herself dancing with her daughter and Howie Mandel.

She also shouted out her husband Tom Kaulitz’s band Tokio Hotel, as she danced as a green alien to the song ‘Girl Got a Gun.’ 

Handle: @lewiscapaldi

Follower count: 787,500

Capaldi is the master of low budget comedy content so it’s no surprise that he’s taken his videos over to TikTok.

In fact, the singer declared himself “king of TikTok” in a video because he was “devilishly handsome” and “could do a lot in fifteen seconds – trust me, ask my ex”.

Some of our favourite videos from Capaldi use TikTok’s duet function and see him react to many of TikTok’s numerous male thirst trappers. 

Handle: @iamcardib

Follower count: 

Cardi B’s channel was relatively active in 2018 and culminated with a sponsored video, in which she challenged her boyfriend Offset to a #wrapbattle.

In it, she wrapped a Christmas present in the back of a luxe tour bus, though things took a dark turn when she couldn’t find tape.

Handle: @mileycyrus

Follower count: 1.6 million

Miley Cyrus may not have as many followers as Smith, but she’s quickly establishing herself as a TikTok native. Her account happened to kick off around the time that she and Cody Simpson confirmed they were dating and videos of herself and Simpson lip-syncing have attracted the most attention.

She also participated in the age-old Tik Tok tradition of making fun of Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise and Shine’ meme, sharing an edited video from The Voice of her spinning around in her chair as Jenner sings.

Handle: @codysimpson

Follower count: 478,800 

Simpson was welcomed to TikTok by his girlfriend Miley Cyrus and right now, he only has one video up – the same one Cyrus shared to her channel. 

Handle: @officialhowiemandel

Follower count: 3.7 million

All reality TV show judges seem to have a pretty impressive TikTok repertoire, as America’s Got Talent’s Howie Mandel is a popular creator on the platform.

In fact, he’s also helped a few other celebs launch their channels and his videos regularly rack up millions of loops. Watching Howie’s videos feels a bit like watching someone trying to prove they’re still down with the kids, but it’s all a lot of fun. 

Handle: @jamescharles

Following: 4.1 million

Prolific YouTuber James Charles has brought his gigantic audience of “sisters” over to TikTok, where he combines some of the platform’s biggest trends with make-up artistry.

He posted a self-aware video to his channel, mimicking a video game character selection screen with a description of what an influencer is, clocking up millions of loops. 

Handle: @troyesivan

Follower count: 17,800

Pop singer Troye Sivan might have gotten his start on YouTube, but his current TikTok following isn’t as strong. 

The singer has mostly used his account to promote his own performances or music videos, as well as a few fans who have put together dance routines to his songs.

A few of his sneaky Instagram superzooms have also found their way onto the platform.

Handle: @ritaora

Follower count: 223,300

British singer Rita Ora is one of the celebrities who lip-syncs harder than anyone else, though ironically she only seems to lip-sync to her own music.

Ora actually kicked her TikTok channel off back when in 2017, making her one of the veteran celebrities on the platform – though it seems her channel is more or less defunct now.

Handle: @arianagrande

Follower count: 15.5 million 

As with Ora, Grande joined the platform early on in 2016 and also only ever posted videos synced to her own music.

After attempting to launch an ill-fated challenge based around her song Side to Side, her channel pretty much did out – though we do have a delightful video of her riding a tricycle around a store.

Handle: @britneyspears

Follower count: 307,500 

The singer still uses her TikTok and mostly posts videos of herself working out, showing off her outfits and holidays.

One of her most popular videos includes her boyfriend Sam Asghari teaching her how to say “I love you” in Farsi, as they both wear teddy bear face filters.

Handle: @anselelgortofficial

Follower count: 25,900

Ansel Elgort was another victim of the ill-fated celebrity TikTok challenge, as he tried to get people to create videos centred around his pop song ‘Supernova.’ 

Calling it the #supernovachallenge, he asked fans to make videos and he would re-share them on his account. He never did.

Handle: @lizzza

Follower count: 14.6 million

The YouTube comedian may have had her TikTok account for a while, but announced that she was going to be more active on the platform with a dance video.

Handle: @itsjojosiwa

Follower count: 17.3 million

This internet personality posts a number of dance and lip-sync videos, though the creme de la creme is easily the one above – featuring two custom luxury cars covered in her face, graphic prints and crayola-coloured leather seats.

Handle: @joe_sugg

Follower count: 600,000

Strictly Ballroom alumni and YouTube personality Joe Sugg has made the leap to TikTok, sharing behind the scenes moments from his show Waitress as well as pranks and comedy videos.

Of course, Joe and his former Strictly Ballroom partner (now girlfriend) have also done a couple of dance challenges together on the platform – keeping the skills going. 

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