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Death Stranding Won No GDC Awards Despite Having Most Nominations

Although it had more nominations than any other video game, Death Stranding didn’t win a single award during this year’s Game Developer’s Conference Awards Ceremony. As Hideo Kojima’s first project after leaving his longtime workplace of Konami, Death Stranding proved to be a divisive game among fans of Kojima’s previous titles. While many players were happy to have a less combat-focused, more organic play experience than what had previously been delivered in the Metal Gear Solid series, others derided the game’s lack of intensity and Kojima’s ever-present penchant for including just a little too much weirdness into his games.

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Death Stranding, despite the varying responses from players, is undeniably a technological masterpiece, with beautiful graphics and near photo-realistic characters. The walking mechanics of Death Stranding, something which is usually delegated to simply pushing forward on a control stick in most games, sees players actually having to think about how they want to cross over small obstacles like rivers and boulders, and feels so much more true to life than what had previously been called “walking simulator” games in the past. It has been nominated for numerous awards since release, but GDC 2020 didn’t see Death Stranding win a single one.

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Despite the delay of GDC 2020 due to fears surrounding the current worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the event still held their annual Awards Ceremony last week, and although Death Stranding was nominated in a total of seven different categories it didn’t win any of them. As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, the widley-known and well-memed title Untitled Goose Game beat out Death Stranding for GDC’s Game of the Year award, while Remedy Entertainment’s Control won out over Kojima’s title for Best Visual Art, Best Audio, and Best Technology.

Untitled Goose Game Pub Feature

For the Best Narrative award, Death Stranding lost to Disco Elysium, and the GDC 2020 Award for Innovation passed over Kojima’s title in favor of Baba Is You, the creative puzzle title which sees players changing the rules of the game by moving those rules themselves around. Baba Is You also emerged victorious over Death Stranding in the category of Best Design.

Although it was named The Game of the Year by multiple publications (including this one) Death Stranding seems to continue to divide critics and audiences thanks to its occasionally frustrating design choices and lengthy stretches of nothing terribly exciting happening. While Kojima’s Death Stranding was indeed innovative in a number of ways, such as being one of the first massively popular titles to allow players to turn urine into grenades, it just didn’t have the fun gameplay of Control, the fantastical writing of Disco Elysium, or the sheer unbridled entertainment of Untitled Goose Game… at least, according to the GDC.

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Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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