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I’m glad Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a flop, Ubisoft deserved it – Reader’s Feature

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – a deserved flop?

A reader takes pleasure in Ubisoft’s current financial woes and questions why it released Breakpoint and The Division 2 when it did.

I’m not usually one to laugh at another’s failure, especially when there’s hundreds of people involved in making a video game, but I don’t mind admitting that I had a hearty laugh when I read the news about Ghost Recon Breakpoint being a massive flop for Ubisoft. Ignoring the reviews, I bought it anyway and was disgusted at not only how broken it was but the use of microtransactions, the terrible story, and how it was worse than Ghost Recon Wildlands and didn’t add a single thing that was better.

Activision and EA are constantly criticised for their actions, and rightly so, but for me Ubisoft are just as bad. All three are horrible, just in different ways. Activision are really underhanded, sneaking in microtransactions after launch and restricting reviews, but in their defence do often put out good games. EA don’t even pretend to care about the quality of their games and treat their developers terribly, while refusing to listen to anybody about microtransactions.

Ubisoft though, they have thousands of people making each of their games and then are surprised when they turn out to be really bland and lacking in focus. They’re also really creepy when it comes to encouraging right wing gun nuts in their Tom Clancy games. And despite being raked over the coals for it, for the last five years or more, their testing is absolute terrible, with more bugs and glitches than a Bethesda game.

Obviously, I do like some of their game – I liked Wildands – and I like some from Activision too, but Ubisoft’s games are becoming so similar now it’s becoming hard to tell the difference. Breakpoint is a hodgepodge of ideas from all their previous games, where you can tell they just thought, ‘Well, these other games are popular, let’s mash them all together and call it a new game!’

They deserve to be punished in terms of sales and I’m glad The Division 2 did badly too, because that always seemed a stupid idea that was released too close to the last one. The thing that gets me is that anyone could’ve told them that was a problem. Literally any gamer they asked. And yet they spent three years, or whatever, making it, marketing it, and releasing it and then acted surprised when it failed for such an obvious reason.

They say in their financial report that it came out too soon and you can’t have too many games as a service titles on the go like that. But how come they never realised that beforehand? Do they think people have infinite time? How many of these games do they expect anyone to have on the go at once?

I’ll tell you why they did it though and it’s simple: greed and laziness. People have put up with it this long, why would they stop? Same with Breakpoint. You can almost picture the execs saying, ‘Gamers put up with our last few games being full of bugs, they probably will this time too’.

Now, I don’t know why Breakpoint was the straw that broke the camel’s back but I’m glad it did. And now they’re delaying Watch Dogs Legion and Rainbow Six Quarantine, to make sure they don’t suffer the same problem. Implying they were going to if this hadn’t happened, and they were happy to release them that way too – until suddenly their bottom line got hit.

The reader the other week was right, video game companies do treat us like idiots. And too often with good cause. Well, I’m not buying a single new Ubisoft game until they show some sign they’ve learned their lesson, and for more than just one game. Wasn’t Assassin’s Creed Unity bad enough? Why didn’t that instil in them a burning desire to never release such a buggy game again?

And if Activision do sneak in microtransaction into Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare a couple of months after release they can take a running jump too. I’d say the same for EA but I’m already avoiding them and haven’t bought a game of theirs in years. More people need to make a similar stand because, as we see with Breakpoint being a flop, as soon as money is at stake suddenly publishers are all ears to problem everyone else has known about for years.

By reader Zebra

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