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Takeaways from Teddy Bridgewater’s introductory (video) press conference

When he’s not working out, Bridgewater has turned to an old hobby to help pass the time during self-isolation. The quarterback dusted off his old video games and got to work on some classics.

“I pulled out the Nintendo 64, I’m playing Mario Kart,” Bridgewater said. “I got the old PlayStation 2. I’m playing all the old Maddens. I’ve got every Madden from 2001 to 2011, so I’m just bored in the house, but trying not to be too bored.”

As crazy as it may sound, Bridgewater said playing Madden has actually helped familiarize himself with the Panthers from afar. Maybe not Madden ’04, but a more recent iteration can do the trick.

“You get a feel for the roster, some of the guys on the roster, so that’s a huge help. You also have the internet for that,” Bridgewater joked. “Just being able to play video games with these guys, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, those guys. You realize how awesome they are in the video game, it excites you, like, ‘Man, I can’t wait to get going with these guys in person.'”

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